Starry Night - Necklace


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Starry night is a romantic cloud-shaped necklace with a scattering of pale blue stars. The copper pendant has an oxidized patina, to darken it and make the enamel stars stand out. Each necklace is individually created, and thus there may be slight differences in the placement of stars or the darkness of the patina, which can range from a pale camel to a darker chocolate or walnut brown. The pendant is made of copper, with a powder blue glass enamel inlaid in the circles and a sterling patterned chain and handmade clasp. The pendant is approx. 1.5 inches across, or 4 cm. The chain is 18 inches, or approx 46 cm, unless otherwise requested. This necklace will be shipped gift-wrapped. Please see my profile for more information about my jewelry and my shop policies.