Gears - Necklace


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This necklace is part of a limited series of 10 pieces. Each pendant was created with a slightly different pattern, but are all matching in the overall design and theme. The top and bottom gears, as well as the chain, are sterling silver, and the center gear is brass that has been domed for added dimension. The top gear, or cam, is oxidized and has several divots cut into the surface revealing the bright silver beneath, like stars in the night sky. These gears were hand-cut from sheet brass and silver, and will thus have some irregularities that set them apart from mass manufactured gears. The back has been signed. The chain is 16 inches long, the pendant is 2.25 inches by 1.25 inches, or 6 cm by 3 cm. This necklace will be shipped gift-wrapped Please see my profile for more information about myself and my jewelry.